Brown wings are an honour bestowed to a good chap who has had anal sex with a female (human).
Brown wings have an 'expiry time' of twelve months and are revoked after that period unless you keep up your 'air-time'. This constitutes at least one trip up bourneville boulevard from the initial date that you joined the Brown Squadron. Failure to do so will see you grounded,and no airman wishes that upon himself. Sticking your finger up her bum does not qualify you as a holder of brown wings, you will only be ranked as air cadet for this particular feat.
Ring Commander Bear가 작성 2004년 12월 09일 (목)
To experience anal sex for the first time
"I got my brown wings with Sarah the other night"
BM가 작성 2002년 07월 07일 (일)
To have had anal sex, generally hetrosexual.
Dude, I just earnt my brown wings with my girlfriend last night, she was so shocked when I put it in her arse.
CyberTech가 작성 2006년 08월 14일 (월)
An "honour" bestowed on somebody who has just had anal sex for the first time.

Similar turn of phrase to when pilots are awarded their wings for flying solo for the first time.
"I fucked that slut Jane last night, she wanted it up the arse"

"Congratulations mate, you know have your brown wings"
Knob Ed가 작성 2007년 12월 11일 (화)
Another word for the act of eating out a girls asshole.
John is allways trying to redwing Jane but now he is trying to brown wing her being he only gets once a month to redwing
troylevibenson가 작성 2011년 02월 02일 (수)
honour given to a guy who has given anal sex for the first time.
As in "have you earned your brownwings yet?"
"Have you given your bird one up the arse yet?"
"Yes I have earned my brownwings"
david sidebotham가 작성 2006년 04월 19일 (수)
the act of receiving or giving butt sex, anal, getting down in the brown, or playing in the mud. people who frequent these acts earn what is called frequent flyer miles, this pertains to anyone who has done the dirty in the dirty more than once.
Guy: "hey babe can we get our brown wings on tonight?"

Girlfriend: "dang boy keep it up you will have enough frequent flyer miles you can get one for free."
Juden J가 작성 2011년 04월 19일 (화)

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