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bottlbin is the act of inserting one's limb into a crevice of a human body in a non-sexual manner, such as the arm pit, ear, or the knee pit.

A bottlebin to the arm is bottlebin in its purest most untainted form and is regarded with respect and dignity.

The opposite of a bottlebin is a chikubin, the act in which one clamps one's hand over the nipple of a target and gropes in a non-sexual manner.

The Treaty of bottlebin

1. Thou shalt not bottlebin without reason.

2. Thou art bottlebinned.

3. Thou shalt always keep the name of bottlebin revered and sanctioned upon thy lips

4. Thou shall bottlebineth with courage and valor

5. The Gourd is my bottlebin

6. Thou shall honor the bottlebin above all paperbins, otherbins, and spare trash bag bins

7. If thou art been bested by a bottlebin thou shalt admit bottlebinular defeat

8. Dare to bottlebin

You can also recycle bottles in a bottlebin.
Jack walked down the corridor relaxed. Jun jumped out and with a flash of movement, crisply placed his hand upon the breasteses of Jack, chikubinning him. Jack countered with a pull to Jun's arm, leaving his arm pit exposed to a mighty bottlebin, leaving Jun crippled in bottlebinular defeat.

The two were at a stalemate, each's hand tied up with the other, searching for a weakness which they could exploit with a quick jab or strike. With a diving motion, Jack thrust his head into a dive and swiftly uplifted, bringing his head into full bodied bottlebin, ending the duel.

Jun was once again left in bottlebinular defeat. It was then he discovered the dark arts of chikubin.

To be continued.
Dr. Smoof가 작성 2011년 05월 05일 (목)
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