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A kind of athelete who will work out with heavy weights and consume large amounts of protein. Attempts to acheive a muscular and well-defined body.
Arnie is a bodybuilder.
Gumba Gumba가 작성 2004년 02월 22일 (일)
A male or female who engages in bodybuilding, which is the process of developing increased amount of muscle fiber while minimizing body fat levels. These two processes are usually done separately, as they both require either a large amount of strength training or a large amount of cardiovascular exercise.

Attitudes towards bodybuilders generally fall into two categories: awe or envy.

It has been a primal instinct in men to have qualities of muscle size and strength, because for many years, that is how men have protected their woman and protected your belongings from other men and beasts. If a man had strong physical qualities, the man had the ability to defeat weaker men in fights and take his woman and his goods. Though in today's modern, civilized society this generally does not happen, the fact remains that a bodybuilder's physique sends out very strong messages of masculinity to other men, which they subconsciously find threatening. When people see bodybuilders they also see dedication, seriousness, size and strength.

Women also find muscles and some size a positive trait in their men, as it again ensures that they are with someone that can protect them. This again is a deep-seated subconscious feeling and is not overt. In the animal kingdom it is about the strongest male that they want to mate with, so that the off-springs that they produce have the best possible genes. Though many studies have proven that women don't really prefer very big muscular men, studies have also proven that men always presume that women would find them more attractive if they(men) had more size than what they have.

It is a deep seated desire in men to be strong and when they see someone that is stronger. The easiest and only possible way to bring him down becomes by way of non-direct confrontation. This explains why one sees a lot of myths perpetuated about bodybuilders like bodybuilding makes your penis small; bodybuilders only eat, sleep and train; bodybuilders cant have proper sex; bodybuilders die young; bodybuilding is bad for ones heart, etc (see Brandon Naylor 's definition). Past experiences or situations where one sees big muscular men in positions demanding physical strength (Bouncers in night clubs, debt-collectors, etc.) can magnify these feelings of weakness and insecurity. Past childhood experiences of bullying by bigger boys in school can also be responsible for this.

A male or female who engages in bodybuilding, which is the process of developing increased amount of muscle fiber while minimizing body fat levels. These two processes are usually done separately, as they both require either a large amount of strength training or a large amount of cardiovascular exercise. Bodybuilders are envied

Bodybuilders also seem to be enjoying their "own world" of training in the gym, and this is also annoying to others who see a bodybuilder as a kind of "at peace with himself human". Not many activities or professions give this kind of a feeling to the man that doesn't train. A bodybuilder is also at ease with his body and usually doesn't mind showing his body to others, and certainly doesn't feel awkward admiring his own. Every human being (man or woman) that looks in a mirror wishes to see himself or herself in good form, but many are not satisfied. People who are extremely uncomfortable with the way they look, and do not have the motivation to change it, tend to find the bodybuilder's fascination and confidence with his own body unnerving. The idea of someone that does enjoys his own reflection in a mirror creates envious feelings towards them.

Again, there are two types of reactions that are the outcome of seeing a bodybuilder. One is of awe and one is of envy. When a man sees a bodybuilder he is either going to be openly impressed with the size (awe), or will show envy due to his own inborn, deep-seated insecurity (envy).

Despite negative attitudes towards the sport exhibited by those with self-esteem issues, many people have much respect for bodybuilders (esp. the more professional) and hold them in high regard due to their incredible passion, dedication, commitment, and the hard work they put in day in and day out.
"YEH BUDDY! LIGHT WEIGHT BABYYYYYYYY! AIN'T NUTTIN' BUT A PEANUT!" --Ronnie Coleman (Professional Bodybuilder and eight-time Mr. Olympia Title Winner, 1998-2005)
SurgicTube가 작성 2007년 03월 02일 (금)
Usually small minded males trying to overcompensate for their small penile size by revving up their ego. Supposed to be the manliest of men, most come off as gay, since their enormous petruding muscles and small red bikinis tend to repel sane women. They constantly converse with fellow body builders over their daily protein intake or steroid use. Most tend to not be flexible, and they always carry a bottle of self bronzer and or baby oil.
Body Builder #1: "Hey Jeff, can you inject my ass with this Steroid?"

Body Builder #2: "After you rub my pectorals down with this coco butter."
Ghandi Gab가 작성 2005년 07월 16일 (토)
There are basically three kinds of body builders.

Male - Of course the most famous and easy to imagine. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the quintessential image of this body builder.

Child - Freaky little kids. There's not many, but the most famous is probably Richard Sandrak. At age 12, he has the body of Tom Cruise. At the rate he's going, he might be the next Arnold.

Female - Women that generally gets the exclamation "holy hell!". I do not know any famous female body builders and I honestly don't want to. Looking at pictures of them frightens me. Not because they have big muscles, but because they literally look like men. I don't even know why they bother wearing bras as there is literally NOTHING there! And if their breasts are like that, then you can't help but shudder at the mental image of what might be DOWN THERE!

Either way, body builders are rare because, well, of who they are. Not only is that kind of body extremely difficult to maintain, but it's also ridiculous to have. You want a body that enables you to jog 3 miles without stopping, not a body that makes you exhausted after walking up the stairs. Supposedly, this is the case with body builders. Their bodies are so heavy and bulky that they have trouble moving.

Aside from that, though, body builders should I put this....hideous. Not just the females, but all three types. The extreme bulk of the males (including children) makes them look deformed while the females....well, that part is obvious.

There are women who like those types of men and I guess I could understand, but man, it drives me up the wall when I hear of men who likes those kind of women. Well, whatever way they like it. Personally, I prefer a thin (or hell, even a chubby one) woman over a muscular woman.
Seems to me most of the men eventually end up in body building magazines, talk shows, body building shows or whatever while the women generally end up with the feminist ilk. The pay must be crazy!
BusinessMan가 작성 2005년 06월 05일 (일)
A large person who exercises with weights every fucking day and uses steroids. Usually they to convince they are sexy, which is another excuse to not being able to put their arms down. due to using steroids, they can also be known by the nickname "raisins" because of there "package in which their girfriend would have to use tweisers to try and find their cock. Also they can be easly spotted having huge chests that end up being boobs...babies get excited, girls will usually want to stay away from them.
Ronnie Coleman is a bodybuilder
Brandon Naylor가 작성 2006년 10월 21일 (토)
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