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A Korean dude who muds like a maniac and farts uncontrollably.
Dude, Eric is such a bobo these days.
Intel가 작성 2004년 07월 30일 (금)
Generic, no-name shoes or even worse shoes with corny names (i.e. pro-wings, avia, sike (just glue it), four-stripe adidas, ragamuffinpinwheelsdeluxe. . .).
Bobos, they make your feet feel fine,
Bobos, they cost a dollar ninety-nine. . .
stop or my mom will shoot가 작성 2005년 02월 03일 (목)
An Inventory Control specialist who is constantly making receiving errors
The BoBo must have received those in error
Dave Stanley가 작성 2004년 05월 05일 (수)
No name brand sneakers, shoes
I got air-forces u got bo-bo's
Revere781가 작성 2005년 01월 22일 (토)
describing something being whack or is whack
the bobo teacher gave us a pop quiz today.
kristel가 작성 2004년 12월 31일 (금)
a fat or rather rotund person
Mike couldn't fit his bo-bo ass in the seat.
Franke Z34가 작성 2004년 11월 02일 (화)
an idiot. Someone with severely diminished mental capacities.
He's a real bo- bo. I don't know how he got hired.
slipsheet가 작성 2004년 11월 02일 (화)

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