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In India, all litter, urine, and feces eventually makes its way into the rivers, thanks to a complete lack of waste collection and water treatment, much like pre-20th Century Europe, USA/CAN, etc. Indians know this, but try not to/do not think about it, especially when 'cleansing' themselves by 'bathing' in the brownish-grey, litter and sewage filled 'sacred' waters of the Ganges/Ganga, which they further pollute with religious offerings (i.e. decorative litter) and dead bodies (not an exaggeration). Such (willful) ignorance eventually bites everyone in the ass. Ergo, any flagrant environmentally damaging human behavior can be lumped under the colloquialism 'blessing the Ganges.'
Cop: "Seeing how your McDonald's bag and Bacon McDouble wrapper are still stuck to my windshield, you won't mind this citation for littering."
Dwayne: "Yo, that ain't trash. That's just me usin' my's Constitutional right to freedom of religion. I was blessing the Ganges, dolla' menu style."

Elizabeth: "Why are you coming back in from outside? I thought you went to the bathroom."
Elly-May: "There was too long of a line for the one stall, so I headed for the alley beside the bar and blessed the Ganges."

Thaddeus: "Um, was that used engine oil I saw you dumping into the storm water drain this morning when I was leaving for the farmers market?!"
Ted: "Naw, Cuz. I just used 10W/40 to totally bless the Ganges."
Bachelor boB가 작성 2013년 12월 16일 (월)
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