A chick thats just a whack ass hoe....has a strong neck cause all she does is suck dick. They usually talk bout what they want knowing damn well shes a dumbass cheap hoe with no cashflow. You dont mess with these kind of chicks cause theyre usually really fake.
"Im about to take one of these birds home to suck my dick"
Playax08가 작성 2009년 12월 06일 (일)
girls, ladies, women.
you looking at my bird?
the ornitho-mysogynist가 작성 2004년 10월 07일 (목)
I hate birds! they're always hating.
lil manny가 작성 2007년 05월 04일 (금)
Bullets from Guns.

In the example below, Lil' Wayne is probably saying that none of his niggaz shoot without his permission.
Lil' Wayne once said in a song:
"The Birds Dont Fly Without My Permission . ."
Mone a.k.a. Young Ra$k¹가 작성 2010년 04월 05일 (월)
Two best friends that prance on the beaches of San Clemente
"Bryanna and Nicole are BIRDS!!!"
Butt가 작성 2005년 04월 18일 (월)
Refers to a woman's chest, tits, or breasts size. The word is rarely used in front of women but replaced with a cooing sound.
that girl's got some huge birds
joeythebelly가 작성 2005년 03월 21일 (월)
People who are addicted to cocaine.
I answer my phone, I hear these birds chirpin.
NatureLover111가 작성 2006년 10월 10일 (화)

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