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(noun) origin - jamaican 1980s. singular and plural.
1. An expression of support or encouragement.
2. An expression of remembrance.

origin - "Up" is an english term used to mean elevation. Therefore the term "big up" literally means to elevate highly or to a superlative degree.
"I want to big up everyone who has shown me support over the years."
"Big up on that excellent performance"
neochin가 작성 2004년 06월 17일 (목)
lots of props. sent through a messenger, such as the radio or a friend
while I'm on the air, big ups to my hoes in long beach

big ups to mom!
Anonymous가 작성 2001년 12월 06일 (목)
massive props to someone you respek.
Big Ups for hitting that ass man.
Alex가 작성 2005년 02월 27일 (일)
it means to give respect or to acknowledge someone
big up yourself 4 me main man....
ChocolateMafiazX가 작성 2004년 01월 08일 (목)
a show of respect, also see props.
big up to Kobe on merkin that trick in court
herbmanhustlin가 작성 2005년 03월 19일 (토)
Word means to applause some one on a good doing, to congratulate them.
"bruv big up Jerome, his lyrics are phat innit!"

"big up to all these homies in da hood, dis party is heavy"
MC Ricksta가 작성 2005년 02월 18일 (금)
a word used to show respect for a person
"bigup mate"
"nice one, bigup"
Lee Hirons가 작성 2005년 05월 09일 (월)
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