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Biddy snack refers most directly to the phenomenon wherein young women starve themselves and whore themselves out because they lack real substance. Much like a snack between meals, they are easy, probably bad for you, and ultimately unfulfilling.

As opposed to real women whose personality and looks are naturally beautiful, and who value themselves as more than just the sum of their sexual parts. These women, like 7 course meals, are harder to come by, and require a certain decorum to enjoy, but they are so deliciously satisfying in their richness.

In practice the term biddy snack can to refer to anyone, regardless of gender who is engaging in rude ass behavior, being a bitch, trying too hard at any particular task, or in reference to the larger community of people that actually generally lack substance.

When used among friends, biddy snack can be a phrase used to temper one another, and remind each other that they are all people of sound mind and body and should not be acting like damn fools.
"Fucking gym biddy snacks, always taking up all the treadmills."


"Stop being a biddy snack and take the damn shot already.
CC O'Neill가 작성 2011년 03월 06일 (일)
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