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A person who is always there for you no matter what! A person who you love to hangout with and feel you can do anything with without being embarssed. Someone you know that will always have your back no matter what. And you will do the same for them! Someone you can have in depth conversations with and know they will never tell!
Amanda and Amanda will always be best buds until the end. They will always have each others backs no matter what. Im jealous of them. I wish I had a best bud like that.
Diva what?!가 작성 2006년 07월 30일 (일)
Sometimes a family member you chose to be unbiologically related to. They are there to create bucketlists with for planning what you are going to do over the summer. The relationship between you two doesn't matter on how long you have known eachother or whether you were born in the same hospital at the same time. It consists of whether that person is willing to walk into your world when the whole dang world walks out. Friends are the ones who notice if you're sad and ask you why; then they'll give you a hug and walk away. But a BEST BUD is one that asks you why your upset and keep bugging you on the subject until you are all sun-shiny again:D They call eachother names, crash quineneras or wedding parties with eachother, and just sometimes talk about how growing up sucks butt!!! They think of solutions of how they are going to be together in the same high school classes, near eachothers colleges, and being neighbors when buying a house. They just want to be there to hug eachother and laugh at the randomest things in a life that is utterly boring.

WARNING!!! BEST BUDS, come and go. Sometimes you have to be ready for the heartbreak.
Alexis and I are best buds because she's weird and I'm weird and we complete eachothers weirdness!!! :9
kwitchyabellyackin'가 작성 2012년 06월 21일 (목)
1 People who regard themselves as very close friends, closer than most. Best buds would most typically talk regularly, and hang out often. Generally refers to two individuals as the "best buds".
2 People who are very close, but call themselves "best buds" insinuating that they smoke weed together (bud used as a heteronym, meaning friend and marijuana).
"Hey dude, I think we're best buds"
"Oh yeah, whys that"
"All we do is smoke"
"Oh yeah"
xtravaganja가 작성 2015년 09월 13일 (일)
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