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be-mag is THE Rollerblading Community...

you'll just find every Rollerblader from the whole World..

the skaters, the bladers, the Rolling people and the freestyle rollers :D
Mostly they will talk about nonsense and strange shit, siihb and oobl.
There is no other Place where you find Discussions about the treatment of little Kids in Skateparks besides strange Tentacle Sxe Picts, crazy Cats and most importand the Size of your Pants.


oh, and we own any other messageboard...really
goto be-mag for a good time

--> Shipment Questions : "Does this shipment include new soulplates seperate from the CH1's, or am I going to have to wait an extra month just to buy the new soul for my Kicks3? I don't have the cash or desire(or need, really) to get a brand new boot at the moment."

--> Siihb : " my buddy said he used some sort of pie-crust mix to lube his long past ex-gf's a-hole when they dated and were younger...

i didn't belive him

but not long ago we were over here house and he looked in her cupboards and took it out and asked her "what is this stuff for" while i was standing there too...
she giggled "
the stealthy transformer가 작성 2007년 05월 31일 (목)
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