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Barrie Foodland is a grocery store located in Barrie, ON.It has to try harder than other grocery stores, cuz of how small it is.Barrie Foodland over compensates with silly promotions and carry-out service.u may be trampled by old ladies rushing to the nearest sale display or the single bathroom in the store.For late hours, expect a parade of drunken skanks, douche bags, junkies, gangstas, stoners, homeless people and crazies who just got their disability cheques.Expect abrupt half-assed fake laughs if u try telling a joke. Don't even think about mentioning the weather to a cashier, unless u want to get shanked with a pair of scissors or bludgeoned by a belt divider. At the very least, they may spit in ur face.The Deli and Bakery section are crammed into a corner, and consist of 3 easy-bake ovens, picnic table, a pedestal sink, and surprisingly a bread slicer.To slice deli meat, the deli staff have to use actual knives instead of a meat slicer.If u want bread, look in the old, stolen A&P cart.The meat section is the best in town, but is run by murderers, public masturbators, pedos and rapists. Don't buy the ground beefAs for the produce section, it sucks. Customers don't come for the bananas,they come for The produce manager and his right hand man: a world class singer and the legend.A scavenger hunt for u: Look over the brown doors when standing away from the bathroom. Shit bricks. Hug the grocery manager.
Barrie Foodland Cashier 1: What are you working today?

Cashier 2: 3:30 - 6:30

cashier 1: That sucks
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Jesusisawesomesauce가 작성 2011년 05월 01일 (일)
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