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A shoe created by Nigo , a man from tokyo who invented his own style. Popularized by Pharell from the Neptunes.
Youngbuck: what dem kicks be like
me: man them are bathing apes aka bape stas mayne
youngbuck: yooooooo imma cop the shi+s them shi+$ lookk hard ,iite mayne
me: iite 1
jnwpse가 작성 2006년 07월 07일 (금)
Basicly a shoe that comes from japan and is worn by some hip-hop artistspharrell, solja boy ect. Bapestas are a type of shoe produced by the company Bathing Ape. The Bathing Ape company only makes two shoes, but come in a large variaty of colors. Now some of these shoes do look attractive, and are nice to have, but if you are not truely rich then, please do not buy them. They do look nice but, they cost anywhere from $200-$500, yes in american. Honestly $500 for some plastic and leather!If you really spend that much i hope you donate to the poor and needy. This company gets copied alot by merchants. Some of these fake bapestas or, "fakestas" can look very real or very fake. I live in the south side of San Antonio TX and sometimes in my high school, i see some of these shoes, but the closest store is either the one in LA or NY and i doubt that they buy them from the internet. Yet, some of these shoes a just can't be fake and in the mist of wanting to be popular or look like a celebrity, these teenagers waste alot of money on shoes that will eventually wear out.
Wankster: Hey guys i got me some bapestas!!!
Friend: Either your fuckin' retarded or those are fake
omarfosho가 작성 2007년 10월 29일 (월)
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