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A nonsense dialect indigineous to the North Dallas area. Spoken by only by a handful of people, it closely resembles the unintelligible rants of Bob Subgenious or speaking in tongues (take your pick). The difference of Bandsaw is that the purpose of the language is to confuse someone enough that they are unable to understand you even though you are using plain English. While mostly English, some bandsaw includes German as well. This is due to Martin W's German bloodlines and chicken feet.

Often speaking Bandsaw will begin with English words that do make sense together but, often end with a complete nonsense. Even though the phrase will be nonsense, the goal is to make it sound like it might make sense. The point of a bandsaw statement where it becomes nonsense is often where you begin to mumble the words to cause confusion. This technique was first created by Mark P. and further enhanced by Martin W., Chris A., Chad S., Tony V., and some others who died in the battle of remedial math. A long fought war involving the number Twelve.
Bad Example (only works around inebriated participants):
Tree Flip Canned Air Wiffle Ball Bat Sam from Cheers.

Better Example:
Is that snot on your belsmencshlah or did you remove rock salt?

* Works great in drive thrus, conversations with teachers, telephone calls, clubs, and castles.
chris a가 작성 2004년 07월 02일 (금)
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the act of shitting through a g-string (thong-type underwear) resulting in the production of two hemispheric fecal shafts.
I just laced up my thong and bandsawed the shit out of my shit!
Roooooooooo가 작성 2011년 11월 17일 (목)
1.)Secret language developed in 1990 consisting of total nonsense. Chris and Martin came up with it as a clever way to confuse elderly instructors at RHS.
2.)Game of- The game of bandsaw is to bandsaw (speak nonsense) to someone and the first word out of their mouth must be "what" for you to "win" or "get them"
1.) Did gen if was gone tryin and over by the store?

2.) Person Bandsawing: Warlton instie or has you back into that line?
Victim: What?
Person Bandsawing: DAMN! GOT HIM (HER) DAMN! (while scratching chin as if you are very wise-at this point you can say something like "huh bwah, seems as doh you beez got!".
mark p가 작성 2004년 07월 01일 (목)
When someone in a thong poops and the thong string cuts the log/turd in half.
"Man, I totally forgot to take my thong off before dropping that deuce. It was a total band saw."
Doom Bunny가 작성 2011년 11월 10일 (목)
Ju fuckzorin ownzor
Anonymous가 작성 2003년 04월 21일 (월)

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