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a small turd; alternately a hemroid
I thought I could go, but all I managed was a little ass grape.

After accidentally drinking the whole bottle of Kaopectate, I gave myself an ass grape trying to crap.
Bad Billy가 작성 2003년 11월 26일 (수)
If you push too hard, you might pop ass grapes. Therefore; you should maintain a diet high in fibre.
cherry_bomb가 작성 2008년 09월 18일 (목)
toilet paper that has been left behind while wippeing the ass and have harded.
MP가 작성 2003년 02월 28일 (금)
my hemmorids are so bad, it looks like someone pasted grapes to my bung hole
annemarie가 작성 2003년 01월 17일 (금)
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