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Someone who has no professional training in science yet has the same augmented ego and clout (and on occasion, the same amount of knowledge on the subject).
Your subconscious is actually the excrement of an opalescent Monodon monoceros. I know. I'm an armchair scientist.
Mesozoical가 작성 2011년 06월 05일 (일)
A person who will lean back in their proverbial armchair and thoughtfully pontificate about topics they know essentially nothing about yet will attempt to position themselves has having expertise in the topic. By their conviction alone, they convince themselves they are correct, and ignore any criticisms or corrections by those who have a clue they're talking about. The hallmarks of the Armchair Scientist are generally:

• Someone without an applicable formal background for their strong opinion on a topic

• Someone who's never been involved in any research involving the topic they're commenting on

• Someone who makes claims for which there's little or no science to support it, and or is unable to supply the data to support a position yet claims it's "well established" or uses other misleading terminology .

• Someone who demonstrates their ignorance of the topic by failing to understand even the basic essential concept that the burden of proof is on he who makes the claim(s)
With high school biology and having read a few popular books on nutrition and pulling abstracts from PumMed, John the armchair scientists says exclaims "It's scientific fact that it's carbohydrates in the diet that causes weight gain and studies have proven calories above maintenance for extended periods don't matter. People can eat all the calories they want if they only eat these foods..." and goes onto to supply a list of foods the armchair expert has convinced himself are the 'secret' to wight loss
Will Brink @ BrinkZone가 작성 2015년 08월 26일 (수)
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