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An RPG online game about knights,fighters and blablabla.
This game sucks!
After like a week you can't login cuz it say's: Srry server is full but !! you can upgrade your account and pay 20$!!!And login whenever you want! So you can't play for free.
Adventure quest! Go to hell.
Shit! I'm waiting for a week to play this stupid Adventure Quest!!! and i can't login!!! Damn! Damn! Damn!!! Damn the computer! Damn Internet! Damn you all!!!!!
AQ Hater가 작성 2006년 06월 26일 (월)
an online RPG that is very dissapointing. it claims to be free but only allows a select number of people on the free server at a time. the only actual way to play it is to make a new account and never log off, but instead leave your computer on and never close your internet browser, or pay the 20 dollar membership fee, which a few days later will prove to have been a complete and total waste because the game is over rated, over advertised, and highly lacking in the "epicness" category. also, its an online game but there is no multi-player feature so the only effect of its on-line capability is that it provides unbearable lag to your computer and, if your using a DELL inspiron 1100 laptop, causes your computer to overheat, shut off, and be unusable for 1-4 hours.
adventure quest has a really epic name. dont let it mislead you
krevin가 작성 2007년 04월 22일 (일)
A "free" "online" RPG.

Free is in quotation marks because you can only play it at 3am in the morning. The rest of the time the server is packed and you can't login unless you pay twenty bucks.

Online is in quotation marks because it doesn't involve any connection with other people, yet it does require an internet connection to play, which only adds up to lag.

Jill:...Do I know you?
Grazer가 작성 2009년 05월 14일 (목)
stupid lame game that I hate. When i see this game i get a machine gun and kill this person who is playing it. It is not good because if the worlds are full it will not work so i reccommend you do not play it otherwise you will get addicted to this game like runescape which is not any better
( dont start going on after seeing this)
good hint if you do not play theese games or other games do not start now or it will ruin your lives
oh shit! im trying tooo log on adventure quest and the bloody thing is not working......................

200000000000000years later...........................
oh fuck! why isnt it bloody working! or darn oh! shit! fuck it fuck it so badly arhhhh im going to cry to my mummy because of this game
fuck this game가 작성 2009년 05월 25일 (월)
a game where ppl who are so stupid they cant install RO or Wow plays

DumKid: I love adventure quest!!!
SmartKid: DUDE ur a dumtard play RO or Wow?
DumKid: How do i install it??????????
SmartKit: Why am i talking to you again?
DAT GUY가 작성 2006년 08월 27일 (일)
I very fun,FREE game that is very addicting.It harsd to log in,sometimes,but you can log on during week day during to day time(When the kids are in school) and at night(when to kids are sleeping).
The first game by Artix entertainment.

many people think that it cost to much money to be a guardian,when it only a ONE TIME payment of 20 dollars.Needless to say,people are very misinformed.
LEVEL 110 fuck ya.I love Adventure Quest.
Flore2938가 작성 2010년 10월 21일 (목)
A 2D turn-based fighting game with endless things to do. Gain exp, buy new weapons and armour, go on epic quests in Dungeons and Castles, get a pet to assist you and so on. Kinda difficult to log on but if you get Guirdianship then you can, Guardianship and AQ rule :)
l33tn00b: OMFG Im gonna go play Wow and spend my money duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Someone else: Or you could start Adventure Quest for free
l33tn00b: Yay
Shadestealth가 작성 2007년 10월 29일 (월)
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