a TRUE green day fan- A perosn who has listened to Dookie at least and their other albums. If you have only listened to American Idiot, then you are not a true fan. You can't just say you are a fan and you have only listned to one album. And you at least have to know three of the bandmembers names and some info. How hard is that? There are only three members! And if you listen to a song, such as American Idiot or Longview, I don't think you should just say you like the song because it's catchy or whatever. All of their lyrics means something and you should pay attention to that. That is one of the main reasons I luv them! Their lyrics are really powerfull and mean a lot. So that is my opinion of a true green day fan pretty much.
To be a TRUE green day fan, you must listen to lots of their albums and other stuff.
Greendayfanperson가 작성 2006년 04월 01일 (토)
Top Definition
An old Green Day fan who claims the band as theirs because they have been fans for a long time. USUALLY "true" green day fans dont like newer green day fans and think they are better than them because they know every single song from every single album.

"true" green day fans need to realise that the newer fans also listen to the old albums, and love it. They also need to be more supportive of Green Day and should feel happy for them that they are getting the fame they deserve.

Most "true" green day fans

1. label themselves that
2. dislike the new album just because it has hit it big.
3. will hate me after i post this
"im a true green day fan because i have liked them forever, i know every song, the lyrics mean a lot to me, i know their names, i can repeat their whole biography and because i know where they live... aka im a stalker."
Ash28가 작성 2006년 05월 29일 (월)
a person who can accept that Greenday officially sucks an official nut since their last album
hmm...you dont have the new Greenday cd...you must be a TRUE fan
sus가 작성 2005년 08월 15일 (월)
a) someone who is sooo obsessed with green day that he/she cannot help but define green day-related terms on urbandic.com

b) a really, really scary stalker-like person whose goal in life is to sneak into tre cool's house and steal his pants and his entire underwear drawer

c) me
wow, that TRUE green day fan is really, really scary...i definitely wouldn't want to be green day...
a TRUE green day fan가 작성 2004년 12월 16일 (목)
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