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A voluntary sex act particularly popular between cellmates in the Ohio State Penitentiary, Youngstown, Ohio. The term has since been disseminated into the local heterosexual community, although it is simply a new name for an old act.

The Youngstown Dry Rub is where a passive partner lies face down on a flat surface, and the dominant partner straddles him/her. Without penetration, the dominant partner rubs his penis between the buttocks of the passive partner, until the desired relief is obtained. As stated, this act is popular in prison, and also has varying levels of popularity as a high school "charity fuck", a relatively common payoff of female YSU students to male YSU students for help cramming for exams, or between married couples as a way to stall the husband when the wife can't be bothered.
"Thanks so much for writing my paper! Look, it's midnight and I have to go home. Can I let you give me a Youngstown Dry Rub, and I'll see you Monday?"

"I can't believe it. I took her to Carabba's for dinner, the Lemon Grove for drinks and a poetry slam, and all I got was a Youngstown Dry Rub and she shook my hand goodnight!"

"Honey, wake up! It's my birthday!" "Sorry I fell asleep....gimme a Youngstown Dry Rub and get me up at 5, I'll try to make it worth your while...zzzzzzz...."
Willie Ray Pugh가 작성 2013년 10월 25일 (금)
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