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There are 4 types of YouTube comments:

1. Short, 1 to 3 syllable comments. These are usually positive, but are still retarded.

2. Advertisements of any kind. Usually for crappy porn sites, or for other YouTube channels.

3. Negative criticism. While this isn't usually a bad thing, the highest level of criticism on YouTube consists of insulting someone else's sexuality

4. The insane, rambling argument. These are most common on religious and political videos, and always against the ideologies espoused in the video. Often it starts out somewhat sane, but quickly declines into runon sentences about government mandated brain control.
Types of YouTube comments:

1. i like it.

2. That is awesome check out my vidz: ht t p : / / ww w. y o utu b m/ ineedtodie

3. dat vid suked ur gay u faget i suk off ur mom every nite

4. if the govnrenment didnt do 911 how com it happend on 911 it was a plan orcastrated by the us wiht help of new world order organization ho put fluorine in water 2 kil kidz mercury injections chemtrails evil jewish space aliens jfk moon landing was actually venus glucose is lethal RISE UP VOET 4 RON PAUL
youtubesucks가 작성 2008년 05월 25일 (일)
The ultimate example of human stupidity
n00b112: omg ure a fucktard: Chimpanzee: Geez, maybe they didn't evolve from us after all, going by youtube comments
CatsnCheese가 작성 2009년 02월 26일 (목)
Such a cesspool of illiteracy, misogyny, racism, idiocy, hatred, violence, barbarism, intolerance and general lack of humanity has not been seen since the middle ages.
Youtube comments, approach with caution lest you wish to be stripped of all that makes you human. The unreputable proof that there has been no evolution, god made us retarded.
Sanitykiller가 작성 2010년 01월 02일 (토)
In theory: A section of the video hosting website 'Youtube' where people may comment on and rate videos uploaded by users.

In reality: A complete annex of reality where factual accuracy, literacy, mutual respect and general good will are almost completely devoid. The closer a video touches upon religion, national identites and race, the more ludicrous and profane the comments section will be.

Common inhabitants (and often combatants) of this inhospitable environment are:

Zealot the Cleric, Professor Know-it-all, Professor Wiki-it-all, Armchair Activist, Keyboard Patriot, xxxEmoKidxxx, Blatant Illiterate (aka The Child who was Left Behind), Raging Homophobe, Capt. Conspiracy Nut and Sir Lastword of Ihavenojob-shire.
Person A: "You know, I really despair in humanity sometimes."

Person B: "Have you been at those youtube comments again?"
Yonner가 작성 2009년 12월 31일 (목)
The brutal and repeated rape of the English language.
A sample of youtube comments: You are wright!!!!!! The're a lot of other great singers! What did he do the last years??????
Everybody is prising him but he is a man with a lot of debt! He loves his family but what did he left the family with? Moneytrouble!! pffffff
alikasomboooody가 작성 2009년 07월 08일 (수)
Not has such an uprising of racism, hatred, stupidity, misspellings, and other such reprehensible behaviors been seen since the founding of 4chan in 2003. Allegedly a mini-forum, so to say, to give video watchers a place to criticize, discuss, and comment. What can effectively be called the "comment section" on YouTube is truly devoid of anything redeemable in nature, where commentators seemingly try their damnedest to do anything but comment, criticize, or discuss. Reading YouTube comments on a video relating to politics, religion, stereotypes, and the like, will often compel those curious enough to let their eyes dangle at the mosh pit of insanity to wonder what has driven most of these people to achieve such great failure.

The comment section on YouTube is truly despicable, mainly due to a lack of moderation by the staff, video owners, and etcetera. True, the occasional intelligent person will seemingly slip through the waves of unintelligible jargon that YouTube renders endlessly, but they are often rare, like finding a lonely message in a bottle, floating among the waves in a sea of urine.
YouTube comments are vile in nature because, naturally, if you give man a mask of anonymity, he will show more of himself than he would anywhere else.
Tekkenfreek234가 작성 2010년 12월 30일 (목)
Comments on YouTube. Frequently filled with racism, stupidity, very poor spelling and trolls due to lack of moderation and people who don't watch the video before commenting on a video.
Example of YouTube comments:

Cool video. 5/5

OMG I likke dis vid ts soooo grewat!!!
randomuser2349가 작성 2009년 12월 13일 (일)
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