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A west coast bay area rapper recently signed onto Black Wall Street by fellow rapper the Game. Characterized by an interesting rap style and flow, resembling a west coast style with dirty south infulences.
Yo man, you hear that new Black Wall Street rapper, Ya Boy? He's spittin some hot shit.
dsfgs가 작성 2006년 06월 09일 (금)
A westcoast rapper, formerly working with The Game and co-signed to Black Wall Street Records. He started his own record company, Precise Music Group, with his uncle, Phat Rat, and has released many mixtapes since then, including Optimus Rime. He is currently working on his first studio album, Holla at Ya Boy, and has already released a single that shares the same name as the album. The single is produced by Cool and Dre, and features Dre from Cool and Dre on the chorus.
I got work er'ywhere
Homie tell me what you need
I got people down south that'll let it go for cheap
I got people up top with a plug on the Biz
I got people in the bay
Nigga tell me what it is
You ain't gotta shop around
Ha holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy
You ain't gotta shop around
Ha holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy... (ha) holla at ya boy
Anteo가 작성 2008년 04월 04일 (금)
- Noun
1. A person, probably Chilean, who doesn't get he isn't wanted within the Stepmania community so he continues to create alternate accounts (alts) to continue to propagate his retarded-ness

1. A person so retarded and annoying no other word can describe it
1. I'm Yaboy!
2. Holy shit Yaboy how many alts do you have now?
3. Yaboy Alert
Bent-san가 작성 2010년 07월 16일 (금)
Another phrase for you're friends. The phrase can be used to announce yourself to your friends or refer to an individual's friends.
Guy 1: Yo! Its ya boys!

Guy 2: Ya Boys

Guy 1: Yo how are ya boys?

Guy 3: Oh Shoot! Yo its mah boys!
yaboys7가 작성 2013년 12월 24일 (화)
1. Can be used when referring to someone in the third person; has either a bad connotation or a good connotation, depending on the context
2. Can be used a verb, when adding an -ing; more so used when talking directly to somebody else in reference to a stupid, silly, or unexplainable action they just did
Guy 1: "My professor let us out of class 10 minutes late today"
Guy 2: "Ya boy"

Guy 1: "I'm bringing over my leftover dinner, you can have it"
Guy 2: "Ya boy!"

Guy 1: *drunk and trips and falls*
Guy 2: "Yo are you ya boyin' right now?"
TuNiño가 작성 2013년 12월 30일 (월)
Vallejo Police Department and all its officers and privates that do too much and try to justify it. The force that rely on they Tasers and juice folks unnecessarily. Pepper water (MACE) and cuffs be they second weapon of chioce to their Tasers. They all have ADD (Arrest and Detain Disorder). Look at the statistics, for this year half the murders in Vallejo are complements of Ya Boys.
A: Ay maine, Ya Boys is commn'

B: Where?

A: They commn' of Tennessee st right now

B: Ight well les go for they start shootn' up the place

A: Ight maine, Im finna head back to Cuddiville

B: I see you then cuz Im bout bounce to TT West

A: Ight then boi
M. Du가 작성 2005년 05월 10일 (화)
1.Yes!! (in an excited way)
2.What's up!!??
3.I'm here!!
5.A general term of excitement, it's a pretty random word
1. a)you wanna go down town tonight?

2. a)I got y'all tickets to see Em n 50!
Eminem's no1 ever fan가 작성 2005년 06월 03일 (금)
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