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1. The irrational fear that the mmorg World of Warcraft will somehow drain the very soul and/or will to live out of normally healthy people, ruin 'healthy' relationships, prevent you from achieving any happiness or success, transform you into a homosexual, brainwash you into eating only foods with high fat contents(mmmm...bacon), cause war and strife, and generally foment chaos up to and including the End of Days.

2. Disease suffered by people who need to villify something other than the true causes of their problems.
e.g. 1 Many girlfriends suffer from wowaphobia
"My boyfriend ignores me for that stupid WoW game!"

-WoW is an escape from real life...if your boyfriend is chosing it over you, there is probably something deeper involved. Most guys won't turn down sex for a game unless you're really bad at it or you don't stop bitching long enough for him to enjoy your company. Maybe you should thank the game for saving you from a relationship that probably wasn't going anywhere in the first place.

e.g. 2 Parents also suffer from wowaphobia
"My kid could have been a doctor but he got sucked into that demonic game!"
-If your little Johnny rocket surgeon had the focus to be a doctor, a little thing like an online game wouldn't stop him. It might slow him down a little but that's about it. Then again, maybe he's just got ADD.

e.g. 3 Random haters
"Only losers who don't work and can't get laid play online games...etc. ad nauseum"

-Point in fact...Many players are highly successful, well paid, well balanced, family oriented, upstanding individuals who sadly have to bear the vitriol of sad, bitter, small minded people who just happen to be less interesting than a game of all things. Don't project your inadequacies on others just because you don't understand their recreation.

i.e- We mock what we do not understand.
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