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Windows Live Messenger is pretty much exactly the same as MSN 7.5 . The main differences in it is that there is more advertisments; a different colour sceme; The ability to VOIP and thats about it. Nothing much seems to be gained by putting this out. It also looks to be a way to get money from the stupid little kids who accidently VOIP their freinds homephone instead of VOIPing the computer. By putting MSN Live onto the computer you end up making others not able to use MSN because their accounts are not allowed to use the beta. This of course can be solved by sending them one of the five invites you get to send to them. Is it worth it? No, unless your lucky enough to get an invite(easy). It's alot like Gmail.
"Hey Jack, I just got Windows Live Messenger!"
"No way!"
"Yeah way, wana copy of the download file."
"Hell yeah!"
~2 minutes later~
"WTF it's not working."
"Oh yeah, I didn't send you an invite and I don't have any more."
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When you have nothing else to do, and suicide is not an option, you can use it to talk to people that you would otherwise ignore. A useful tool for internet perverts and loners.

Dave: I go on Windows Live Messenger every night.

Everyone else: Dave is such a loser!
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harv1989가 작성 2006년 10월 28일 (토)
The new name for MSN Messenger when, what was suppose to be MSN 8, comes out. This is because Microsoft are re-branding many of there famous products, such as, Microsoft Office which is planned to be one of the things integrated into WLM.
Bill Gates: Hey, lets change MSN Messenger to Windows Live Messenger and throw away the whole of MSN and the MSN butterfly because I suck!
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--P4R4D0X--가 작성 2005년 11월 19일 (토)
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