I still use Windows 98 beta. So far, I haven't seen this blue screen since last year, when I pulled the CD out during installation. Maybe I would have to be a code-writer or delete system files in order to see it.
Windows sucks, Linux sucks, MacOS sucks, life sucks. Just get over it and move on. Sheesh.
sarcastic가 작성 2003년 10월 20일 (월)
A popular operating system that is hated by Linux geeks because, despite their large numbers and the years they collectively spend working on their "alternative" software, they lack the mental capacity to create an OS that rivals what one nerd threw together within a few weeks from various sources in his garage.

Note: Geeks are mentally-ill people who contribute absolutely nothing to the advancement of the human species. Geeks try desparately to imitate the nerds, who are the REAL inventors and/or contributors of technology.

Note: Bill Gates is a nerd.
Hey Linux fans. Where the Hell is that Windows-killer you promised us in 1999 and 2001 and 2004? Oh I forgot that you faggots are too busy fighting amongst yourselves over who can type the most redundant "l337" code. Just don't forget that Gates is still whooping your asses.
penguins taste like duck when well roasted가 작성 2004년 06월 12일 (토)
Operating System that Most People who Post on websites like this insult, claiming it crashes every 10 secs, however I have used EVERY Windows O/S Since 3.1 (Ex. ME) and NONE have shown a BSoD more than once a Season. People also say it reboots often, I kept XP running for ages, until the damn Windows Update nagging you to reboot drives you insane. Never had to reboot Windows 2003 Server.

Btw, Linux is Good Too, But I have not found It to be More stable than Windows, perhaps becuase i look around and find out about what i am trying to do, before doing it and hoping it doesn't ruin my PC.
Person: Hmm... I wonder what happens if i delete shell32.dll?
... Damn its Locked
*Uses Unlocker to Unlock It*
*BSoD Appears*
Person: Windows Crashes All The Time, For No Reason!
#xp #win9x #winnt #nt #microsoft
Esai가 작성 2006년 05월 22일 (월)
Best OS ever concieved. Beats linux with tux's own severed fin and makes Macintosh OS look rotten. Windows NT technology is a major step in technological advancement. Windows XP lets me play all my games and music and other media, and everything else with ease. People who dislike Windows and bash it are probably using Windows, so they should stfu. Those who do not use Windows and bash it are stupid rebels with little reason not to use it other than to be able to say "LINUX FOREVERS!" even though linux is actually a peice of shit comparable to Windows 98, only without the ability to play games that cant be emulated using a shitty program known as Wine.
Windows rocks. It lets me do everything I want with ease. People who dislike Windows and say it sucks need to STFU and download it already.
Jon l33t가 작성 2004년 11월 10일 (수)
We all use Windows, some Windows 2000 and some Windows XP.

When we use Windows XP it's always Windows XP Professional.


I've got some funny Windows versions, eg Windows Memphis, Windows Whistler.
About Windows and funny Windows versions
Zammis "zammis" Clark가 작성 2004년 06월 14일 (월)
A fast and very stable operating system for the PC. Compatible with a wide range of hardware devices, and is very easy to use and learn. Updated once in a couple years unlike Linux, which is updated every three weeks because it's so full of bugs that it shouldn't even have been released to the public until 2017.
I still use Windows 98 to this day, and the only time it acted up was when I deleted some system files. It's not surprising that most of the people who badmouth Windows are actually running Windows on their computers.
AYB가 작성 2003년 04월 04일 (금)
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