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1) White Entertainment Television or WET is the fictional opposite of BET, Black Entertainment Television. Many white people think it's unfair that there's not a white version of BET.

2) The fictional TV station that has reruns of Friends, All in the Family, and Blue Collar Comedy. Reality shows like My Redneck Wedding, Rock of Love, Jersey Shore, and yet to be produced Recycled Trailer Trash (about people born and raised in trailers trying to live in the suburbs and enter corporate America), Survivor: Hood Version (a bunch of white people who think the worst about the hood try to survive in the hood).

Movies shown on the channel include Birth of a Nation, Beerfest, Song of the South, Driving Miss Daisy, Valley Girl, etc. There’s an interactive video countdown show featuring rock, pop, and country music. At night they show Lisa Lampanelli and Jeff Dunham at night, followed by Girls Gone Wild. They also have indie videos and death metal videos and have a 1/2 hour block of ICP videos. On Sunday Mornings they show Joel Olsteen and white preachers knocking people (usually women) on the forehead. Christen music videos by white artists play until 12pm and then it's back to regularly scheduled programming. Many of the fictional white people who know about this fictional channel hate it because most of the station shows white people in a terrible light. However WET’s founder sees it as an accomplishment because he feels he's giving the people what they want, a white version of BET.
Person 1: Why can't we have White Entertainment Television? It's not fair that there's Black Entertainment Television and not White Entertainment Television

Person 2: Dude, have you watched BET? Do you seriously want a white version of that?
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Phil N. DaBlank가 작성 2011년 02월 23일 (수)
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