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West New York, New Jersey is a town with a huge population in the state of New Jersey. Inside of Hudson County next to Union City and Jersey City. The small city is mostly of hispanic races ranging from Puerto Ricans, Columbians, Dominicans, Equadorians, Mexicans, etc. Although it used to be mostly of Cuban and Italian origins. There is a high rate of gangs in the small city, and the only public high school named Memorial High School has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the country. The West New York Public School system is considered an Abbot School District in New Jersey meaning it is of low standards compared to the rest of the state along with public schools in Newark, Jersey City, Camden, Paterson, Trenton, New Brunswick, East Orange, Elizabeth, and Union City. West New York is inside the 201 area code in Northern New Jersey. It is also in Hudson County that is one of the ghetto counties along with Essex County. Because West New York is in Northern New Jersey it is heavily influenced by New York City while Southern New Jersey is influenced by Philadelphia. West New York, NJ has popular streets like Bergenline Ave. that stretches through all of W.N.Y. and Union City. Bergenline holds parades, and has a variety of stores. Kennedy Boulevard and Palisades Avenue are the nicer areas in West New York, unlike areas like Broadway Avenue and Hudson Avenue.
West New York, NJ is sometimes referred to as Stomp City, or just W.N.Y., Hispanic Nation, home of the second largest Memorial Day Parade, and one of the urban .03% tax districts.
Big D Lou가 작성 2007년 03월 06일 (화)
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