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A Weremo is like a Werewolf in many respects. Like the Werewolf, the Weremo is most likely to strike on a night with a full moon. His appearance however, does not change. A Weremo is a closeted male homosexual who attacks unsuspecting streight males. He comes in three types; the filtly fart box tongue puncher, the blower and the most dreaded and feared of all Weremos, the Bull Weremo. The Bull is the only Weremo known to rape the unsuspecting and he is the only one with the power to turn a streight male gay. Pre attack indicators are a sweaty upper lip. This is almost immediately followed by an attack. Weremos can be detected before this however. Weremos most often approach streight men with a pitch that will entice and lure the unsuspecting target into a secluded location where he can be compromised. A Weremo may approach you with offers to buy your beer, take you to another bar where "there are lots of chicks" or simply bait you by leaving gun, sports and porno magazines in plain view; all in an effort to lure you in. However, he lacks any real interests in these things and can easily be tripped up. He will say things like "I have tickets to a Washinton Redskins hocky game," or lets go score some "Tigers and Milks," not knowing that it is Cougars and Milfs the streight male seeks. Further, the bull can be easily identified by his goatee and shaven head.
Any man driving a Miatta is likely to be a blower or salad tossing Weremo. Likewise men who order skim or latte anything at Starbucks. A bull is often found wearing Harley Davidson gear though he may or may not own a bike of any type.
Jack Magnum, Weremo hunter가 작성 2013년 02월 16일 (토)
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