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1. Some one who spends 5 to 10 times the amount on their gym attire than they do on their membership.

2. A person who spends 2 to 3 times more talking to people than they do moving weights.

3. Some one who huffs and puffs, grunts and groans while moving bitch weight.

4. A person who intentionally drops or slams dumbells on the floor that weigh less that 50 lbs in order to appear that they are lifting alot of weight.

5. Some one who has no idea what they are doing in the weightroom, and get offended when a seasoned veteran gives them a good piece of advice in order to save them from getting hurt.

6. A skinny guy that cuts the sleeves and the sides off their t-shirt so they can impress the ladies, when in actuallity they look like a 150 lbs of shewed up shit.
(Weightroom Poser) walks into gym wearing an outfit that costs at least $200, spandex pants, shorts, moisture wicking t-shirt, and accessories, generally a high end brand like underarmor, nike, or reebok...this does not include the price of shoes.

(Weightroom Poser) does bench press with 40 lb dumbells, grunts, and after a few reps drops dumbells on floor.

(Meathead) Dude, dropping weights is usually reserved for dumbells that weigh closer to 100 lbs than 20 lbs.

(Poser) Huh?
CommoDick가 작성 2010년 12월 21일 (화)
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