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Warhammer is a fantasy game that is the very definition of Geek. Instead of having a life, your at home painting and customizing little figures, that are really friggin' expensive. 60 dollars for 8 PLASTIC figures. So, staying up til' 3 in the morning playing with figures when your 21 is a major turn-off for girls. That's why some guys I know don't have a girlfriend yet, and probably never will unless they stop playing playing with that crap. And if your an adult reading this, this is exactly like dungeons and dragons, so it is not by any terms "cool". Some people say "who cares if its geeky, play it if you want to" While yes, thats true, people will seriously think you are nerdy, and that will damage your appearance with the "in crowd" Plus, while you could be learning how to play the guitar or drums during the summer, your in a shop with a bunch of geeks throwing plastic models and dice at each other.
COOL PERSON: Hey, whats up? Do you wanna go to that Mikey's party tonight?

WARHAMMER GEEK: Aw, sorry. I got to paint my army and fight my arch rival. I just got this new dodron piece. wanna check it out? and then I can tell you about my adventures!!

COOL PERSON: Uh, nah, thats okay man, Im fi-
WARHAMMER GEEK: So this one time, Captain armpit was up against three death droids. I thought I was gonna lose, but captain armpit used his butt-laser, and totally saved the army. And this other time, I-
COOL PERSON: Uh, sorry, I gotta go. *quickly walks back towards his car*

That was the first and last time the WARHAMMER GEEK was ever invited to party.
#geek #nerd #cool #warhammer #war hammer geek
Demondog가 작성 2009년 08월 01일 (토)
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