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A term Michigan State fans/students label anyone who cheers for the University of Michigan Wolverines because of their severe inferiority complex. They claim the term is only used against people who poke fun at MSU, but some now use the term completely unprovoked to question Wolverine fans/students on their affiliation with the school.

According to MSU fans/students, you're a "Walverine" if you fall under any one of the following categories:

1.) You are not from Michigan.

2.) You are from Michigan and have never attended college.

3.) You have attended college, but not at the University of Michigan.

4.) You have family members who went there, but you did not attend.

5.) You are a student as either an undergrad or grad at either one of U of M's two satellite campuses (Flint or Dearborn).

6.) You are an undergraduate student at U of M's main campus in Ann Arbor, but enrolled in something they deem "too easy" like LSA or Art.

7.) You are a graduate student, but not studying Engineering, Medicine, Law, etc.

8.) You're breathing and wearing the color blue.
U of M Fan: Go Blue!

MSU Fan: Hey, where'd you go to school?

U of M Fan: CMU, why?


U of M Fan: Where did you go to school?

MSU Fan: Why MSU. Why everyone who cheers for MSU goes to MSU. Duh.
harrybsack가 작성 2012년 11월 12일 (월)
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