The origins of Vintersorg the band come from a band called Vargartron in 1994. The band eventually folded, but Vintersorg (the man) decided to continue with some of the band ideas, and so Vintersorg the band was born. Mostly a one-man project with only a couple of guests helping out (though guitarist Mattias Marklund is now considered an official full member), the Vintersorg style is epic, post-black metal, with occasional folk influences. Vintersorg's midrange vocals are unique (the closest comparison might be Dan Swano's clean/non-death style), he is a fine vocalist and a very good songwriter, as the songs have none of the self-indulgence one might expect from a one-man band.

Vintersorg (the man) has recently joined Borknagar as their vocalist, but this band remains an ongoing project. He is also a member of two other bands, the more folky Otyg and the gothic-inspired Havayoth, both of which have recorded albums.
Vintersorg, a Swedish black metal titan with 5 full-length albums under his belt, can only be described as avant-garde, for the way that he blends epic, ethereal Scandinavian black metal and folk metal.
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A great musician involved in several projects, most notably Vintersorg and Borknagar. His real name is Andreas Hedlund and he is from Sweden.

The band Vintersorg started out as black-ish folk metal band but evolved into a post-black-ish progressive metal band over time. The first two albums and the EP are completely written and sung in an older form of the Swedish language. Vintersorg's older albums are about nature and mythology, while the recent albums are more about philosophy, science, and astronomy.

Other projects include (but not limited to): Otyg, Fission, Cosmic Death, Waterfield, and Havayoth. He comes off as being pretentious to some people in the metal community, but he isn't at all really... he just has respect and curiousity for knowledge and the old world.
Till fjälls! (to the mountains)
Till fjälls! (to the mountains)
Där storm mig fammar! (where the storm embraces me)

Till fjälls! (to the mountains)
Till fjälls! (to the mountains)
Vakad av ramnar! (watched by ravens)
mevyhetal가 작성 2004년 12월 30일 (목)
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