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Largest city in New Jersey in square miles. Ironically, Vineland has the most trailer parks per square mile than any other city in New Jersey.

Welfare, unemployment, race riots, gangs, drugs, prostitution, teen pregnancy, illegal aliens, white trash (black trash, brown trash and even yellow trash too! It's a rainbow of trash!), horrible schools, high taxes (for those that work and care about their houses), bad water, crumbling infrastructure,and corrupt politicians!

Talk about paradise!

Vineland makes Franklinville look good.
The best thing about Vineland is leaving it.
Happy Vineland Resident가 작성 2005년 03월 31일 (목)
Town in South Jersey with alot of Hispanics(Puerto Rican and Mexican) who live off of Section 8, can't vote(see Section 8), drive ricers and think they're cool cause they can rap in spanish and do burnouts with their 20 year old Hondas. Those who don't have cars sit on their front porch every day and yell at each other. Italians run all the major businesses and the town politics along with the Indians/Pakistanis who own just about every gas station, liquor store, newstand. Only town where a person living in the ghetto has a brand new Hummer, Lexus, and Benz parked in front their run down house.
Vineland's got some drug dealers.
WelfareHater가 작성 2005년 03월 22일 (화)
vineland is a city in south jerzey that is created by italian americans back in the days.they worked hard to create beautiful slums and ghettos for people to live in .NOW vineland is run down by the new hardbody puertoricans ,mexicans ,african americans ,and the up coming jamacans,dominicas and russians.when the day is young the city is beautiful with landmarks like the historic bodega PENAVERTS and bullshit.but when the darkness creps ,the hondas lerk in the loud V-tec motors.they usually meet at the old landis avenue shopping center.AKA "The AVE".puertoricans run vineland plain and simple bitch
vineland looks alot like Ponce p.r.
#vineland #ghetto #new jersey #puerto ricans #honda civics
chris "DA PROBLEM"가 작성 2008년 03월 09일 (일)
The capital of South Jersey. It is known as "da town" to residents of South Jersey.
Vineland is in the depths of South Jersey. ITS ALL ABOUT PHILLY SON
#south jersey #philadelphia #da hood #capital city #dc
Da Wizard Of OZ가 작성 2009년 06월 04일 (목)
The best town in south jersey!, Its the "new york" of south jersey and one of the most important cities. If somthing were to happen to Trenton then vineland would become Jersey's New capital. Its full of nice people but, alittle over crowed. It has a 3% tax rate and is a cool place to go to.
My friend lives in vineland its soo cool i wish i lived there!!, ITS SOO COOL!,lol YEAH!
#vineland #vine #land #n.j #best #newjersey
um..........가 작성 2007년 01월 23일 (화)
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