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The greatest Afghan pop star in history. His songs are comprised of both dialects of Farsi, Afghan and Iranian, but are enjoyed by all who listen to him whether they understand Farsi or not. He is also philanthropic and gives back to the people of Afghanistan from what he makes at his concerts. Despite appearing as a 3 and a half feet tall midget on stage, he is considered the hottest afghan guy on the face of the earth. But, Although a very talented womanizer, he acts very flamboyantly in his music videos and is presumed slightly gay. He has a hand in producing all of his beats, a little known fact. His debut album After Love ranks amongst the greatest World pop albums in history and his songs are probably on your Top 25 Most Played on your iPod. He is ethnically Afghan, but grew up in Iran. Despite this fact, approximately 0 Persians have heard of him or attend his concerts because 100% of his crowds are AFG4LYFEe my nigga. He currently lives happily in Germany with all 100 of his secret girlfriends.
AFG Girl at concert: OMG VALY drop that bitch Mariam and MARRY MEE

BIA tu BIA 2 BIA 3 BIA 4

Ahmad (to Suleiman and Bilal): Hey, you guys I just nailed 2 tickets to the Valy concert. Who wants to come with me?
Suleiman: Hahah. you like VALLY?? ahmad, youre a fuckin fag. ISnt that right bilal?
Bilal: OOH OOH-GIMME i wanna go!

#afghan #pop star #mariam morid #bia tu #gay
Th3 Illest 가 작성 2008년 08월 13일 (수)
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