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Yaoi Queen. There was a story of his greatness, he who would cleanse the land of dirt and grind and spread the teachings of Yaoi. He was once thought to be the Son of Yaoi-Oh!, the creator of Yaoist, the art of sexualized manga characthers.
Yaoi Queen is actually the son of the God of Yaoism, Spartanus.
Yaoi Queen's task is to bring the world Yaoi and let their hearts open to the possibility of become one with him, the state of mind called YaoiVana la Valisca. There the world of thought is like basking in human ejaculation and saliva. The scents of fresh fruit and honey overwhelm the mind for an eternal orgasm.
Valvados, the queen fairy, the prophet of pimp, ladyboy of lust, wearing a loincloth of slick that tickles the genitalia as well as the medulla oblongata, rides a carriage dragged by men whose images invoke Inu-Yasha, Link, Iori and others will bring forth a wave of love to open the minds of evil doers everywhere.
Praise be to Valvados, our yaoi queen, our prince of peniality, may the yaoi-ism be with you.
Valvados's sword of yaoi, the mighty blade, Erectus Yasha, swung forth and cut the evil minds and let the yaoi flow into their souls to bathe them in purity and joy.
Princess Pudding Pops Chester가 작성 2004년 05월 17일 (월)
A homosexual administrator of Final Fantasy Online Forums.
He gets hot and bothered rather easily especially by Mega Man video game releases. Also likes yaoi, and has a religion devoted to it. He gets fucked in the ass by his fellow gay adminstrator lovers.
Valvados gives Abe on other IRC CREW members head on a regular basis.
Valvados가 작성 2003년 11월 03일 (월)
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