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When a woman's vaginal fluid becomes so old and corroded that it actually becomes an adhesive; losing it's lubrication aspect completely.
Usually existing in elderly women, but more often today in younger, due to excessive vaginal fissures, corrupting the fluid secreting glands.
1. Unfortunate Male: "Man, I knew I should of brought Lube, your grandmother's moldy gaping vagina was so dry and full of Vaginal Adhesive that it tore so much flesh from me that it looks like I have a canine penis."

2. Gangsta: "Yo momma is so old her vagina covers even the most erect, wet and juiciest of thick pulsating dick in a Vaginal Adhesive so powerful it tares it clean off and glues it inside her forever."

3. Unmoist Young Woman: "Doctor, every-time me and my boyfriend make love, afterwords his penis looks and feels as if it was sunburned, or suffering a painful rug burn. Sometimes a thin skin layer even peels off it!"

Doctor: "It sounds like you've developed the first stages of a Vaginal Adhesive. You could use more artificial lubrication to lessen the effects, but it would only be temporary and still contain a mild sticky, gooey sensation. The only permanent cure known, is sex with Chuck Norris.
His huge, highly advanced and penis and seminal glands are capable of permanently moistening and lubricating the dryest and stickiest of vaginal canals.
Paris Hilton was cured of her Vaginal Adhesive problems with this method, when her natural lubricating fluids were diminished from overuse, as well of multiple lacerations from thick turbo endowed black genitalia that didn't have time to heal between sessions.
All-though the Chuck Norris treatment is highly expensive, but it saved her 50,000 dollars a year on lube products."
Liquid Pie가 작성 2009년 02월 25일 (수)
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