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Also known as "UCB." Improv comedy group/school in NYC. Had their own TV show for a while which kicked ass.

The UCB are responsible for such great things as Ass Pennies, The Poo Stick, The Hole in the Sheet, Captain Lunatic, Bong Boy, Thunderball, Supercool, The Bucket of Truth, and The Little Donny Foundation.

Their school has launched many a comedian onto an unsuspecting public, including Rob Corddry and Ed Helms of "The Daily Show."
(This was the intro to the show)

From the dawn of civilization they have existed in order to undermine it.

"Our only enemy is the status quo. Our only friend is chaos."

They have no government ties and unlimited resources.

"When something goes wrong, we are the cause."

Every corner of this Earth is under their surveillance.

"If you do it, we see it. Always.
We believe the powerful should be made less powerful.
We have heard the voice of society, begging us to destabilize it.
Antione. Colby. Trotter. Adair.
We are the Upright Citizens Brigade."
Colby가 작성 2004년 10월 18일 (월)
Go there if you just can't get enough of the high school cafeteria. Cool kids only sit with other cool kids and losers sit with other losers. The only difference here is most of the "cool" kids were nerds in high school and are now living out there fantasy of finally getting to treat other people like crap on the sidewalk. Alot of social politics. Talent pool isn't bad but not worth the hype.
At this point it's become a giant corporation and the school is run like a factory. It's no longer the little guy just trying to make it in the world. They used to perform in a tiny black box fire hazard because they loved and believed in what they were doing. But hey, that's show business.
UCB'rs question: Where do you do improv?
Kind unassuming persons answer: The Pit
UCB'rs response: oh :/

UCB'rs question: Oh, where do you do improv?
unassuming ucb students answer: Upright Citizens Brigade
UCB'rs response: Are you on a Harold Team?
unassuming ucb students answer: no
UCB'rs response: oh :/
factthis가 작성 2009년 02월 16일 (월)
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