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-A social condition in which one twists every topic of conversation into one about him or herself.

-The act of stealing the spotlight and making every story about yourself.

-Stealing the spotlight
Tyra Banks will have a guest on her show speaking about their drug problems or other things and as soon as they get into the real hardships of their life Tyra cuts them off saying, "Yeah I struggled so much with this as a child it affects ME so much" leaving the guest speachless and confused as to why they were invited on the show. Was it to find support or was it to find a way to let Tyra talk about herself?

Example 2: Your friend walks in (Friend A) obviously having a bad day and begins talking with your other room mate (Friend B) about it all. Friend A says something to the affect of "My dog just just died and I failed my chemistry exam" and you but in and say, "Oh my gosh I had to take an exam today and I didn't even know half the questions on it and then the rest of my entire day was completely ruined. I think I might get a bad grade for my class this semester. Isn't that terrible? I mean it really upsets me." and so on and so forth.

-The proper usage here would be for friend B to say to you, "Slow down buddy your getting Tyra Banks Syndrome" or "Wow thanks for that Tyra"

This is the person who makes every story about themselves. Extremely rude and annoying
Jobencityslicka가 작성 2009년 10월 11일 (일)
The need to reflect every conversation back to yourself and your life, no matter what the conversation is about.
Someone's talking to you about their loss, you start talking about your losses.
Someone's talking to you about their extra-ordinary weight loss, you start talking about your own weight.
You reflect everyone else's experiences back to your own so that you are able to talk about yourself 24/7.
girl 1: Have you talked to Milly about your dad's passing away?
girl 2: No. It's difficult to feel any sympathy from her for my loss while she has Tyra Banks Syndrome.
moose123가 작성 2016년 09월 16일 (금)
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