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"Having Triple-Sized Penises", Prakrit ethnonym for Dravidian Blacks, esp. Telugus, alluding to their gigantic penises, historically recorded as 3 times the size of the average Aryan Penis.
Literally, this can mean "Having 3 Penises" or "Having a Triple-Sized Penis". But since homo sapiens does not have 3 organs, it cannot mean "Having 3 Pricks". Nor does it mean, as some Aryans claim, "From the Land of 3 Linga Temples", as this would have to be "Tri-Linga-Mandir Deshi" or at best "Tri-Lingani". The only meaning possible is "Having a Three-fold Penis".

The word originated during the Buddhist Golden Age, when the Prakritic Aryans spread Buddhism & expanded the Magadhan Empire into the Negroid Australoid South. Since most of these pioneers were Kshatriyas, they would have had the 6-inch (8 anguli) Kshatriya Penis. Meanwhile, the Shudra Penis is known to average 9 inches (12 angulis) (Ananga-Ranga III.3, cited in `The Jewel in the Lotus', Allen Edwardes. NY: Julian Press, 1959, p.60), which, when applying the formula for cylindrical volume, translates to a size three times the Kshatriya Aryan. Hence, when the Buddhistic Aryans discovered that the Dravidian Penis was 3 times their own, they came to refer to Dravidoids as "Tri-Lingas", just as the Sanskritic Vedic-Aryans denominated the macrophallic Dravidoid "Dasyus" they met centuries before as "shishna-devas" (Penis-Gods). From Prakrit, this word then entered all our other Aryan languages.
1) "`Karnatas, Trilingas, Gurjaras, the inhabitants of the Rashtra country, (and) Dravidas are the five Dravida (sects) living to the south of the Vindhya (mountains).' ... Therefore Trilingas are the people living in the country to the north of the Krishna. " - Andhra Kaumudi, cited in 'Tirilinga and Kulingah', G. Ramadas. The Indian Antiquary, vol.iv (Dec. 1925): 221f: p.222.
2) Priya: See, those Dravidian men have three lines across their foreheads!
Shilpa: So what ?
Priya: It means they are "Tri-Lingas" or Telinganis !
Shilpa: So ?
Priya: It means their penises are three times the size of our Aryan boys!
Shilpa: I swear I will kick out my Shohar (husband) tonight & take a Tri-Linga to bed!
3) Using the formula for cylindrical volume, & taking a proportional width, one obtains the volume of a Dravidian penis as:
pi * ( 1.5 * r_k ) ^ 2 * 1.5 h_k = 1.5 ^ 3 * vol_k = 3.4 * vol_k
where r_k, h_k and vol_k are the radius, height & volume of the Kshatriya-Aryan penis respectively.
4) Moollani: Why you have three lines across your forehead tonight?
Moollah Do-Pyaza: I'm a Trilinga - my zubb's three times average!
Moollani: Yes, sure - your Ganges Worm is three times an insect's zubb!
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