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A drinking game created in the Toyon Lounge at Stanford University at 2 am on December 4th, 2006. The rules of the game are:

Begin with a 30-rack of beer.

1. Four players evenly spaced around a table.

2. 16 cups set in a diamond, with a full pint in each cup. Thus, spread 24 beers over 16 cups.
2a. There should be a ping-pong ball distance between each cup.

3. Play rock, paper, scissors with four players until one person wins
3a. (IE: if three players throw paper and one throws scissors, scissors wins. If two people throw paper and two people throw scissors, the two scissors win play for the win. If rock, paper, and scissors are all thrown in one round then you start over).
3b. The winner gets one point and must then drink the cup he made unless he makes his bounce shot.

4. The winner then bounces a ping-pong ball, trying to bounce it into one of the cups.
4a. He/she gets two shots. If he makes the first shot, he gets a chance to gang-bang with the second cup.
4b. The winner gets two points if he makes the first shot, and one if he/she makes the second shot.
4c. Thus, he/she gets two points for only making the first shot, one point for only making the second shot, and three points for making both shots. If the winner makes both shots into the same cup (a gang-bang), he gets three points and all three other players drink.

5. If the winner gets either shot into a cup the loser of rock, paper, scissors drinks the cup.
5a. If there are multiple losers (IE: if three players throw paper and one throws scissors there are three losers: the three who threw scissors), then those three losers play rock, paper, scissors to until one person loses and is made to drink.

6. The player with the most points once all 16 cups have been downed is the winner.
6a. The three losers must then shotgun the remaining 6 beers. Three beers for the player with the fewest points, two beers for the player with the second fewest points, and one beer for the second place player.
We pregamed by playing the Toyon, the Drinking Game. We were smashed by 8 PM, and then went on to have a great night.
Grahame, Rory, Tim, and Alex가 작성 2006년 12월 04일 (월)
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