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Tourist Terrorism has many different definitions.However,these can be put into 3 categories.

Tourist Harassment - This can be described as harassing tourists for any given reason,such as their poor driving skills,poor hygiene,lack of respect for our environment,etc.

Tourist Theft - Stealing from tourists.This includes armed robbery,b&e,stealing coolers full of beer,etc.

Tourist Anger - A genuine hate for tourists for invading your town.This also may be directed at a certain group of tourists,ethnicity,religion,etc.These acts are usually extremely violent,or in other cases may simple teach a tourist a valuable lesson about respect,morality,ethics,etc.
Tourist Terrorism,and its categories.

Tourist Harassment

Local #1:Hey bo,you seem them there tourists drivin all err-a-tick-lee?

Local #2:I sure do!Lets go teach them boys have to drive into that ditch over yonder!

Tourist Theft

Local #1:Hey man,i've been seeing tons of tourists setting up camp at the campground over here.We can probably make off with a couple coolers and bikes,if we play it safe.

Local #2:Remember,tourists think its safe here.All we gotta do is act nonchalant and we'll be golden,baby.

Tourist Anger

Local #1:You seem all them Japanese tourists over there?The ones in the funny hats,throwing trash on the beach?

Local #2:Yeah,what you thinking?

Local #1:I'm thinking we go over there and force them to clean up their god damned mess,and then take those silly little hats they're wearing and shove them so far up their ass it comes out their mouth.Then we can slap them back to Asia.
14YearOldFelon가 작성 2011년 02월 07일 (월)
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