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A Woman's Vagina.
Also, see Tootie Blasting.
At a strip club you are bound to see a little tootie....In fact you are bound to see a BIG tootie too...
TMaC가 작성 2004년 03월 21일 (일)
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a girl with a banging body and fly ass style.
every niggas fantasy.
damn breh look at that girl, she a tootie yo.
tootie_cutie가 작성 2008년 03월 14일 (금)
a hard working black women that is put down by the antics of that preppy bitch on the facts of life.

see: sable
man tootie is just like sable.

who wouldve thought?
deathcabfornone가 작성 2004년 07월 08일 (목)
the term "aye tootie!"
is normally shouted when a girl or group of girls see a cute boy.

but sometimes tootie could just be used when you see a friend (male or female)
"dang, tootie"
"look at that tootie"
emmmmmmaaaaastarnes!가 작성 2009년 02월 19일 (목)
crystal methamphetamine
lets go smoke some tootie bitch
not1bah2가 작성 2003년 09월 12일 (금)
A joint of pot/reefer.
Let's toot a tootie. (Let smoke a joint)
capt가 작성 2003년 09월 26일 (금)
a black bitch gettin' shitted on
man that tootie got shit all on her clothes
londadam가 작성 2009년 08월 23일 (일)

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