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A tooth made of somthing besides ... um... tooth material.
I've got 20 plat-i-num teef!
Zach G.가 작성 2003년 11월 06일 (목)
the set of white things in our mouth.... in ebonics.
yo dawg my toof done falled owt a my mouf
soap operas are gay가 작성 2006년 06월 13일 (화)
Drastically misshapen teeth with gaps throughout, a lower form of teef.
"Err that Chalky bird, she's got proper toofs!"
Cowfresh가 작성 2007년 03월 23일 (금)
when you dont agree with what someone says
im not picking u on my team ur terrible at baseball.
sloshedfacedzilla가 작성 2009년 12월 08일 (화)
The sound made when one spits a ball of saliva out of their mouth.
Katelyn: UGH so much saliva in my mouth!
Jessica: Spit some out!
Katelyn: *TOOF*
turkeytom가 작성 2010년 05월 16일 (일)
how you say toof with no teeth
what you mean i dont got no toog
spear가 작성 2003년 03월 08일 (토)
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