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Cancer is created from cells when they cannot properly communicate with each other due to anatomic communication capabilities as a form of language. As a collective, the human race is an organism fulfilling the operation that the threshold acts on - we are cells created of cells fulfilling the operation of a cell(the threshold).

Fear(which is essential for life) perpetuates cancer by causing a cell to create conflict with itself. As a result, a false sense of self called the ego(cancer) is put in place to protect the current aspirations of the cell. The ego is a meta-atmosphere created by the cell which creates conflict with it's threshold to become superior, where this is impossible because the ego is infinitesimal to the cell.

As time goes on the cell is vulnerable to illness because fear itself perpetuates destructive behavior by creating a false sense of self which renders its true self feeble. Causing cancer of the cell, and death to itself and it's threshold unless communication is fluent.
For example people with a nasty attitude have thought cancer due to meta-inadequacy. They will of course perpetuate the cancer by projecting their fallacies on other person(s)/cell(s) which inadvertently effects the threshold in which the person/cell lives in.

-Carl Sagan once said that 9/10 planets that achieve radio technology often self-destruct.

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