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A skateboard truck company that started in 2007 to create strictly titanium trucks that were both strong and durable, and great for skating. Models include the TiKing, TiH, the more common TiAX, and the most popular CSX. Theeve trucks are designed with 100% slipless axle, titanium alloy construction and in the TiAX and CSX grade 8 kingpins, and TiH and TiKing hollow kingpins. All Theeves come standard with Bones Hardcore medium bushings. They all have a good ince from the kingpin and the coping, and are gaurenteed against wear down when grinding, also grind like mad. All models are mid, slightly lower then Independent mids, except for the TiH, possibly the most expensive truck on the market. I personally reccomend the TiAX, they run 34.99 for a single one and have many designs. I had a hard time switching from being a lifelong rider of Independent to Theeves, but once i got used to it I never looked back. Originally replaced them because of axle slippage. They are so light, and have so much pop its easy to land anything. Everyone always compliments them.
skater 1: dude i love these new Stage 10 Reynolds Independents I paid 50$ for even though they weigh 10 pounds and I always grind the kingpin down on 50/50s and i go through alot of wax. oh well
Skater 2: dude just get theeves. i got a pair of theeve trucks awhile asgo and for the same price ther so much lighter, theres no kingpin wear down, and they look sexy.
Honger가 작성 2011년 05월 24일 (화)
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