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Theb isn't anything. It means whatever you want it to mean. It can be a verb, a noun, an adjective. It can mean extreme anger, happiness, sadness. It can be an expletive or an excited announcement. You choose depending on the circumstance.
Eh, the movie was theb.
TheMothman가 작성 2010년 10월 13일 (수)
Bathroom. Particularly useful with children or animals.
I've got to go to the B.
snapplez가 작성 2006년 11월 20일 (월)
Theb is a multipurpose word. It can be used as virtually any part of speech (though the noun form is not very common). Grammatically it is very similar to how "fuck" is used, except theb can also be as a substitution for "reaction" words such as "neat" "cool" or "lol" etc. May also be used as a greeting or exclamation in certain contexts.
What the theb is going on here?

That's pretty theb brah.

Theb! (as in "lol")

Theb it.... (as in "God damn")
SenorStools가 작성 2010년 10월 14일 (목)
The Bruins (NHL Boston team)
The B's play tonight home at the Fleet Center
wickedMA가 작성 2004년 02월 06일 (금)
barracks, the place where enlisted military live
we going to the club or back to the b's?
big johnny가 작성 2002년 07월 09일 (화)
Nickname for the restaurant Arby's
Let's goto the B's and get some roast beef!!
jeff_bobzivich가 작성 2007년 05월 30일 (수)
A phrased used to indicate the disire of two penises instead of just one.

(Not to get confused with the D)
Guy 1: "Ey brah get over here ASAP Jenny just texted me, she said she really wants the B!"

Guy 2: "Dayum dude isn't that gay though?"

Guy 1: "Nah man just as long as we don't make eye contact!"
Whattheburp가 작성 2014년 09월 06일 (토)
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