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Young man. Generally with masculine scent that lasts all day. The 3rd man. Has dinosaur qualities. Hungry.
TheEndruu got a 73 out of 76 on his English speach.
Andrew Kinning가 작성 2003년 05월 06일 (화)
Button Fiend. Fond of Horsey noises. Lover of Seinfeld.
TheEndruu will never love me, for I do not love Seinfeld.
Saddened Soul가 작성 2003년 08월 13일 (수)
One who tries to be funny, often without success.
TheEndruu told a joke, the joke left something to be desired: Funny.
Davey가 작성 2003년 07월 15일 (화)
a jedi master!!!!
TheEndruu is a jedi master.
Anonymous가 작성 2003년 07월 09일 (수)
Usually a person who likes meg ryan. Likes gay bands.
TheEndruu is in Mr.Nynas's class.
________가 작성 2003년 05월 07일 (수)
One who isnt funny
TheEndruu isnt funny
endruu disliker가 작성 2003년 07월 06일 (일)
someone who stays up all night looking at porno and denies it to there mom!
TheEndruu in love with a bootyfull women needs pleasure
shaullet가 작성 2003년 06월 15일 (일)
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