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A lo-fi, jug & banjo-esqu, garage rock, blues band headed by Alison "VV" Mosshart and British Jamie "Hotel" Hince. The duo stared off hopping band to band until VV overheard Hince practicing his guitar in the hotel room above her's. The two became sole mates and maintained a long distance relationship with one another until edventually releasing some amazingly lo-fi songs under the simple name, "VV and Hotel."

In 2002 they released a single entitled "Black Rooster EP" under the name "The Kills" in Britian before it was picked up for the U.S. Shortly there after, they released their first album "Keep on Your Mean Side" in 2003, which maintained their anti-music industry attitude.

The Kills are quite shy for being musicians. They rarely give interviews, and VV's so nervous to preform in front of a large audience, she ussually chain-smokes and vomits regularly before shows.

In 2005 The Kills released their second album, "No Wow", which deviated from the course they had previously laid down for themselves to follow, and went into more of an artistic "post punk" yet still sounded just as, if not more, stripped down as Keep On Your Mean Side.
The Kills' most noteable songs are:

Fried My Little Brains Keep On Your Mean Side
Pull-A-U Keep On Your Mean Side
Black Rooster Keep On Your Mean Side
No Wow No Wow
The Good Ones No Wow
Murdermile No Wow
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Windowlicker가 작성 2006년 05월 22일 (월)
The Kills are an awesome, indie, bluesy, groovy, stripped down sort of band consisting of the lovely and talented Alison Mosshart (known by her stage name "VV"), and the extremely cool Jamie Hince (known by his stage name "Hotel"). they both belonged to other independent bands, until Alison heard Jamie practicing in the hotel room above hers, and musical history was changed forever. they're surprisingly underrated and for the most part continue to remain mostly unknown. they're albums are some of the greatest music you can get your hands on, and you should get your hands on them. now. go do it now. stop reading and go it now. fine, read the examples, but then go do it now. download it from Amazon or iTunes. get them.
Keep on Your Mean Side
No Wow
Midnight Boom, all the best albums ever, get them.

smart, awesome guy: hey have you heard The Kills? they're awesome!

guy who needs to listen to better music: no, i'm gonna listen to Metro Station, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT!

smart, awesome guy: man, you really need to listen to better music...
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HotelChevalier가 작성 2009년 12월 07일 (월)
The best freaking song in the whole entire world performed by the best band ever to have existed in the industry of music...30 Seconds to Mars!
The Kill is the best song your ears will ever hear. No kiddingg :]
#30 #seconds #to #mars #jaredleto
TheLegendOfTammy가 작성 2008년 08월 22일 (금)
One's last chance at pursuing/having anything at all. For instance; a woman, a man, hit off a bong/pipe/aqualung, bump in a vial, etc.
"I went in for the kill and ended up with a nose bleed. This shit was cut far too cleanly for my liking."
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SPee[d]가 작성 2006년 08월 12일 (토)
The end of a cigarette, the very last drag before the filter.
Do you want the kill?
JKix가 작성 2005년 05월 20일 (금)
The Best of the best. No other better
Dude I scored some Bud today It was.. The Kill!! I saw Your Mother naked last night..She has The Kill Tits!! I Love Your new Truck. Its The Kill
#the kill babe #the kill shit #the kill ride #the kill asshole #the kill concert.
REBELHAWK가 작성 2007년 05월 19일 (토)
Slang term for the hamlet of Wallkill, NY. (Located in upstate New York.)
Yo! You gonna be back in the kill this summer?
#city #town #ny #upstate #hamlet
Somebody InDaKill가 작성 2006년 07월 03일 (월)
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