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II have never seen the movie, but the book was rather confusing. The grammar, although it was part of Francie's characterization, was actually more confusing than helpful.
Plus, due to Francie's lack of description and excessive slang and denial to his own emotions, half the time you have no idea about what is going on. But the author did do a good job with characterization, and it was a well-written, touching book.
And it was hilarious too. In one part, there was a man who loved Francie but Francie just pretended to like him for Rolos and cigarettes...

Anyway, the kid is sent to boarding school.
He lives in Ireland, he's poor, he hates Mrs. Nugent.
Mrs. Nugent caused his mother to commit suicide. She also called their family the pig family.

The book is by Patrick McCabe and is historical fiction.
" I was going to go but then I said what's the use what's the fucking use I just left him there (italic) please Francie (stop italic) and Buttsy crawling along the ground uh! uh! help me yeah sure."

(Quote from The Butcher Boy)

Carynne No.가 작성 2007년 01월 18일 (목)
(n.) Odd film about an Irish boy who works in a abatoir and kills people, whilst talking to the virgin mary, his dead father and some pigs. Can be found lying around in EVERY video rental shop in the united kingdom.
I watched the butcher boy a few years ago. It's still crap.
Kung-fu Jesus가 작성 2004년 08월 15일 (일)
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