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A college preparatory school in North East, Maryland that was previously located in Port Deposit, Maryland until it burned down in the late 1800s. It is known by the locals as an "uppy-preppy" school full of "rich spoiled brats". Overall, they are correct. The racial diversity of this institution consists of 2-3 ethnic students per grade. The entire school is only made up of about 500 people and it serves Kindergarden through 12th grade.

Sometimes called the Tom School, by idiots that never understoof phonics, is it a mediocre cultural hub but a beacon of perfect education. Most graduates go on to great colleges and do well. The students that are awaiting graduation tend to have a dead look about them because their souls have been sucked out by excessive homework and over-demanding teachers. One product of the Tome School can, and often is, social awkwardness and a mild form of aspergers. Students spend 8 hours a day with the same group of people and gradually become desensitized to normal conversation and social practices. They usually spend 4-8 hours at home doing homework or playing mindless computer games.

Sports are barely worth mentioning.

The Tome School: a strange sort of educational and social limbo for those in it, and a pretty building for those outside of it
The other day, I drove by the Tome School and remembered that pretentious ass hole I met at a party that went there. He was so socially incompetent; all he talked about were the metacarpals and his irregular bowel movements
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