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something that sucks
dude, that new movie's the pits, huh??
JoHn가 작성 2004년 02월 16일 (월)
Home of the biggest collection of dirt bag douche bags on the internet. Members have beat up kids, engaged in sexual orgies, had alcohol related legal problems, enjoy strippers, gay porn, vacation in Elko Nevada, enjoy making crafts and knitting, raise goats, promote alternate lifestyles, members of BigBrothers. To join our chat sessions you must be naked. Shaved genitals is a plus.
The pit is an internet message board. Everyone who posts there is a douchebag. A naked douchebag.
#pit #the pit #pitmaster #thepitstaff #sven
ThePitMaster가 작성 2006년 07월 30일 (일)
The pit is a sub-forum of

The pit is a place where everything non-guitar/instrument related is put. Many users post internet memes, talk about sex, drugs, social problems, magazines, world news. Many people post "silly" threads in this section of the forums and they get "rapped" and "fapped" on.
I posted a reply to a thread in the pit called "If you put 'The Pit' in the dictionary..." #the #pit #rape #fap #thread #forum
danyellenik가 작성 2008년 10월 21일 (화)
Area where freshmen and sophmores from the Spence School like to hang out, spend their free periods and store their coats and bags. Basically a giant pigsty, full of food, gym clothes and books.
1. Q: Hey, where are your books

A: Oh, I left them in the pit
#the spence school #freshman #sophmore #hang-out #free
spencie4lifee가 작성 2010년 04월 22일 (목)
A term used to describe a situation that can't get any worse, A useless object or a fat ugly person with no ambition.
''Have you heard sinner is back to his old tricks?''
''Yeah Man, Quinn is the pits''
#the #pits #gack #pit #sinner
Lewendon가 작성 2009년 09월 16일 (수)
An affectionate nickname for the hellhole of the Internet known as
Boy: Hey, I just got this fic! It's terrible!
Girl: Duh. It's from the pit.
#bad!fic #fanfiction #horribifuckus
hw221가 작성 2010년 02월 15일 (월)
The lower section of the Eagan High School Stadium reserved for upper classmen. Because it's always packed, underclassmen only ever find room sitting on the edge, with the band kids, or in the adult sections.
Jeff: What's up Chris? You want to head down to The Pit?

Chris: The upperclassmen won't let me in there! I'm only a sophmore.
#pit #the notorious p.i.t #no luck needed #that pit cray #eagan #stadium #eagan high school #student seating #student section #eagan band #eagan football #football
Bluegreen Football Fan가 작성 2012년 06월 06일 (수)
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