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post 9/11, when Americans started to realise the truth, the truth that they have been screwed in the ass so badly that they have became blind, that now the powers that be take huge advantage of this by starting oil wars, spreading fear and raging hate.

Not this time.

America has had enough-its now time to show your patriotism, not by sitting and leaving it to the fat cats in the house, but by making a change ourselfs, by not putting up with it any longer.

I have nothing against the American people, theyre just like the rest of us-fragile.

But i will not stand for a government that pushes others about, ignore the UN, and be's a complete C***.

Bush thought he could swing this war, that by the time hes out of power nobody would know a thing.

Not so. More secrets are found every day, more people are knowing, caring.
Keep it that way.

Show your true colours America. Show us youre not anti-immigrant, religous madmen, unthinking robots who are commanded, not led. Show you dont care what sexual diversity people have, taht all men should be treated equally and that you do love your planet. Dont be ruled by people less intelligent than you, like Bush the 2nd.

The mind is the greatest thing ever given to us. Use it well.
Patriotism is a sign of a weakening government, on its last knees and using its last tactics to win its battle.

We are winning. We will win. We must.
Biafra J가 작성 2004년 07월 29일 (목)
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